eegee’s is an iconic fast-casual restaurant in my hometown of Tucson that specializes in Grinders and frozen fruit drinks called, well, eegees. We helped them make the big announcement that any Grinder could now be toasted. This project was a lot of fun for a few reasons—I grew up on eegee’s as a kid AND I got to wear a lot of hats on this campaign. Not only did I help concept and write, I did set design, art styling and directing on this scrappy set.

ENG :30
For this commercial we went for a "That '70s Show" vibe.

SPA :30
For Spanish, we had fun with the premise that two people got so toasted, they can read each other's minds.

Credits Agency: OH Partners // Group Creative Director: Ken Phox // Designer/Art Director: Jose Duran // Production House: Matter Films